Genesis of Gritty Serendipity

Hello everyone, you are listening to the introductory episode of the new podcast called “Gritty Serendipity”. I’m your host, Chetana Desai. Before I share my motivation to starting this podcast, let me introduce myself, once again my name is Chetana Desai, I passionately describe myself as creative by heart, pragmatic by the brain, and a Technology and Business leader with 15 years of experience. 

Now that you know a bit about me, let me share 3 key reasons behind starting this podcast!

Reason Number 1, my own lived experiences

Reason number 2, the opportunity

Reason number 3, creative satisfaction

My aim is to foster a community for women who are at all different stages in their career and in their life to come together, join hands, and support each other!

My Call to Action for you is: Please do share your questions & topics that are of value to you, recommend either a colleague, friend, or even yourself, who would make a great guest on this podcast, and finally don’t forget to share your feedback & subscribe for this podcast to get future episodes!

My 3 step mantra:

  1. Trust & work on your superpower
  2. Iterate on risk to reward ratio 
  3. Share your success

What next:

Stay tuned to my upcoming new series dedicated to demystifying incredible women from our very own technology companies and startups around us!

I want to leave you with this:

Hardship can hit anyone at any time so always be kind when you meet someone!

This episode is dedicated to Jason Young, host of the “MSDevShow” podcast & Mario Gerard, the host of “The TPM Podcast” who nudged me in the right direction. And also to my inspirations, the authors Shellye Archambeau and Laura Huang.